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The importance of having a lasting first impression for any business cannot be overstated. Cleaning your high-rise window cleaning is fundamental to ensuring that your commercial premises are inviting and looking in top shape. The state of your windows is essential for your business brand. Scheduled high rise window cleaning using the right professional results in a facade with high quality aesthetic. In addition, you avoid a lot of costs in the long term.

 Dirty windows will likely turn off your target customers immediately, and you may lose out on many opportunities. As an experienced residential and commercial cleaning company, we recommend hiring rise window cleaning as a crucial part of any commercial maintenance plan. With the help of the Awani Maintenance Sdn Bhd crew, you don’t have to worry anymore about accumulated dirt due to traffic fumes, bird droppings, rain, mold, spider webs, industrial waste, etc.

High rise window-cleaning equipment

We use the best tools and equipment available in the industry, including those for cleaning, climbing, and safety. A high-rise window climbing crew typically carries the following cleaning tools during their cleaning operation:

  • Bucket

The bucket contains water mixed with cleaning solutions.

  • Glass scraper

This is used to scrap out caked-on dirt and grime.

  • Sponge or T-bar wand:

This is used for wetting the high-rise windows with cleaning solutions.

  • Squeegee

This is useful for wiping dirty water and achieving a clean, shining window.

  • Rags or towels

Rags or towels are used for final polishing.

  • Tool belt:

This is important as it enables the cleaners to have all the other tools within tools while at the same time ensuring their hands are free.

The climbing tools are used to navigate up, down, and across the exterior. These include a movable platform and bosun’s chair. On the other hand, safety tools are essential for high rise window cleaners and cannot be overlooked. The most common safety tools include a safety belt and protective gloves. Awani Maintenance Sdn Bhd uses the best tools and equipment to ensure the job is done safely, quickly, and cost-effectively.

How often should you clean your high-rise windows?

The frequency of high-rise window cleaning typically depends on the type of businesses, surrounding environment, and foot traffic. High-rise windows often need more regular cleaning in case the property:

  • Is used for industrial work
  • Is a medical facility
  • Has a lot of foot traffic
  • Is Situated facing a busy street or near a large water body
  • Has a lot of birds in the surrounding

Is High Rise Window Cleaning risky?

Climbing hundreds of feet up a facade is definitely not for the faint-hearted. However, safety must be the primary concern for any reputable high-rise window cleaning company such as Awani Maintenance Sdn Bhd. High rise window cleaning is completely safe if the cleaning crew is well trained, use the right equipment, and takes appropriate precautions to ensure utmost safety.

It’s worth mentioning that fatalities associated with high rise window cleaning are very rare. However, the lower risk must not be an excuse for companies to compromise on expertise and experience when looking for an ideal high rise window cleaning company. However, that minimal risk does not mean that you compromise on proper training and experience when looking for a high rise building services provider. 

How long does the high-rise window cleaning project take?

The duration of the high rise window cleaning typically depends on several factors, including the number of crew, the square footage of the skyscraper, the number of windows, and how dirty they are. Awani Maintenance Sdn Bhd  has enough staffing to ensure quick cleaning while at the same time not compromising on the quality of service.

Custom high rise window cleaning

We are the go-to high rise window cleaning specialists in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to have your windows sparkling like new. Our high standards of safety, customer service, and professionalism are unmatched in the industry. Contact us today to learn more.

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