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House power washing FAQ

Regular power washing should be crucial to every property owner’s cleaning and maintenance routine. Here is a definitive guide for the frequently asked questions concerning house power washing.

How long should power washing take?

Power washing helps achieve the most thorough clean with minimal effort and time. It’s incredibly convenient to clean both residential and commercial, especially when cleaning an extensive area. With the right tools and equipment, power washing typically takes less than an hour.

What is power washing?

High-powered water jets are used to effectively remove mud, dust, loose paint, algae, moss, and other residues from surfaces. The primary difference between power washing and regular washing is the pressure of the water being applied. With power washing, the cleaner can effectively clean the tiniest surfaces and corners, eliminating all the dirt hiding out of sight.

Where should you use power washing?

Power washing can be utilized in residential and commercial areas to clean a comprehensive range of surfaces. Your property’s facade is exposed to external weather elements such as sun, wind, dust, dirt, birds, insects, pollutants, etc.

This can continually take a beating on your property and, with time, lead to soiling, discoloration, and damage. Power washing is incredibly effective and efficient in cleaning your property’s exterior and protecting your investment and people’s health.

Is power washing environmentally friendly?

Your house power washing service should use cleaning methods and avoid harmful chemicals to ensure minimal environmental impact. Ideally, there should be minimal power washer run-off. As a property owner, you want a cleaning service that protects the soil, plants, and all the pets in the surrounding.

What are the common power washing equipment?

There are plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to power washing equipment. Awani Maintenance Sdn Bhd has invested in the best power washing tools and equipment to achieve customer satisfaction. They may cost us a pretty penny, but satisfaction in meeting the needs of our clients makes it worth it. With technological advancement in the industry, we strive to stay on top of these changes to achieve a competitive edge.

Why you should let the pros handle your house power washing

By now, you certainly have a deeper insight into why power washing is essential for your home or business. So why not try it yourself? Well, this type of cleaning is better handled by experienced professionals such as the team at Awani. This is due to several reasons.

Chances are, you don’t have a house power washer just lying around. The best power washing tools and equipment are expensive and thus mostly used by cleaning companies. While you can rent them, this might be expensive and quite time-consuming. In addition., you might not have the expertise to operate power washing machines. 

Professional power washing service already has the best equipment for the job and knows how to use it for the best cleaning results. There is many conveniences since the cleaning crew will arrive at your property, perform the agreed tasks, and clear the equipment away when they are done, with no hassle on your part.

The amount of water pressure coming out of power washing equipment may cause accidents. Also, there is the risk of slipping, falling, or hurting yourself while trying to clean difficult spots, especially when you are not used to the job. Experienced professionals understand how best to protect themselves and you from danger during the power washing process.

Looking for house power washing services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor? Whatever your house power washing cleaning needs, we work above and beyond to achieve that and exceed your expectations.

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