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Basic housekeeping services usually include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, disinfecting, and other general cleaning tasks for all the rooms on a property. In addition, proper housekeeping requires much attention to detail, such as workplace layout, garbage disposal, aisle marking, and premises maintenance, among other crucial duties.

For those with a hectic work schedule or many family obligations, or if you simply hate housekeeping chores, you might want to hire housekeeping services to do the job for you. Also, many business owners prefer outsourcing their housekeeping needs to a company that can provide a professional touch. A pleasant workplace environment helps boost morale and attitude among employees. In addition, the need for favorable impression on potential customers cannot be overstated.

As a leading housekeeping service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Awani provides a service that is becoming not just a luxury but an absolute necessity for people’s daily lives both at home and at work.

We have come up with flexible, customer-chosen options for both commercial and residential housekeeping services.

Commercial housekeeping services

The primary purpose of commercial housekeeping is to maintain a neat and orderly environment.

As a business owner, you want to have well-maintained and clean halls and floors, free of slip and trip hazards. As a customer-centric housekeeping service, we believe that employees and customers should be provided with a sanitary and clean environment.

When it comes to commercial cleaning and housekeeping, Awani handles a myriad of clientele, including health organizations, schools, retail stores, factories, and many other large premises where different businesses operate.

We will provide a highly trained and experienced housekeeping crew to maintain a clean and sanitized environment. Commercial housekeeping services allow your employees and customers to move around easily in a comfortable and safe environment.

Commercial cleaning requires a range of specialized equipment and expertise. In addition, the housekeeping services provider must be willing to offer flexible and convenient services. For example, the training crew is sometimes required to work overnight. That way, they don’t affect the enterprise’s daily operations.

Commercial cleaning may involve cleaning sensitive locations, for example, biohazards or sterile areas. In this regard, the cleaners must have regular certifications and participate in relevant training.

Ultimately, proper housekeeping guarantees an excellent workplace appearance and minimizes the frequency of cleanup and janitorial duties.

Home cleaning services

The stress of cleaning your home can be a great distraction at work, especially when you work long hours and want to unwind in a relaxing home after a busy day toiling. Awani will send certified cleaners to your home as often as you might need our services. Consequently, you have more time for fun and to take care of your family.

When it comes to housekeeping services for homes or residential spaces, clients prefer hiring a professional team that they can feel comfortable letting in their personal spaces. Also, specifications for home housekeeping tend to change from week to week and are different for different homeowners.

At Awani, our home cleaning crew is adaptable and respectful to the client’s home. Also, we are incredibly detail-oriented and keep track of how the customers want their spaces cleaned and arranged.

Custom routine

Looking for housekeeping services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor? We have a well-trained, professional team that is ideal for residential and commercial cleaning. Whether you need regular housekeeping, a seasonal thorough clean, or a one-time cleaning after or before a special event, you can hire Awani for comprehensive cleaning services.

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