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Switching your home involves a roller coaster of emotions. Relocating, specifically, is always a nerve-cracking experience. Indeed, picture new experiences, neighbors, neighborhoods, and hangout places. However, moving into a new home typically brings with it some unique problems.

In new homes, areas such as the roof, windows, and cabinets may be dirt-filled, especially if the property was unoccupied for a long time. This dirt may be in the form of cobwebs and dust. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively clean your new home before settling in. Here at Awani Maintenance SDN BHD, we offer expert assistance when it comes to new home cleaning in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

The Main challenges You Can Expect When Moving Into A New Home

More often than not, your new home may have some dirt and filth. Having not been cleaned recently or never been cleaned at all, you may find your kitchen, sitting rooms, and bedrooms in a deplorable state.

Corners, vents, and light fixtures are notorious carriers of dirt and dust in unoccupied buildings. In some cases, the new home may be clean, but it doesn’t hurt to clean it more thoroughly just for peace of mind before settling in.

Cleaning Solutions and Equipment

We equip our workers with the latest cleaning solutions and equipment to thoroughly clean your new home. Our non-pollutant chemicals effectively remove stubborn dirt from surfaces such as tiles and windows. We use modern, world-class equipment such as state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners that ensure our deep cleaning leaves no traces of prior dirt.

Expert New Home Service

In our organization, our human resource remains the backbone of our operations. They are entrusted with Awani’s reputation as they interact with our home-cleaning customers. And boy, do they do some excellent work. Our diverse clients provide consistently positive feedback daily and even refer their friends and relatives who may require home cleaning services.

Ultimately, our staff leaves no stains in their work. We conduct continuous training programs to ensure that they remain as equipped. Therefore, you can rest assured of experiencing the best home cleaning service. We can provide our new home cleaning services as a one-off or long-term contract.

Here at Awani Maintenance SDN BHD, your home is as good as brand new. Our prices are competitive, and we ensure our clients get the ultimate bang for their buck. Reach out today for comprehensive cleaning of your new home. We are always a call away!

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